How can affiliates earn bonus through link?

How can affiliates earn bonus through link?

Online gambling has become a major business in almost every corner of the globe. Numerous websites offer online gambling and casinos. Online gambling games are popular with millions of people. The industry has grown in size due to the introduction of online live slots, where you can play with real human dealers.

Casino affiliation has become a popular way to make money online like ลิงค์รับทรัพย์ 1% in recent years. Already, there are many casino affiliates. More are in the works. As online gambling grows, the benefits of a partnership will only increase.


Affiliates are people who use their websites to drive traffic to an online casino. Affiliates are often participants in online gaming, even though this is not the case for other businesses. They earn ลิงค์รับทรัพย์ 1%. Affiliates often have many online casino experience and can write blogs or participate in Livestream to share their gaming knowledge with others. Affiliates can have previous experience in operating online casinos and may also have expertise in this area. In any case, affiliates or skilled affiliates are not strangers to iGaming and are familiar with its intricacies.

Affiliates increase player confidence and draw large audiences to the website pages by providing accurate information about online casinos and sharing tips and tricks.

Affiliate Marketing Models

Below are the four most popular affiliate marketing methods used by sports betting businesses.

Sports betting revenue share

Revenue share in sports betting is a long-term model that allows the advertiser of a sportsbook to earn a portion of the net profits from the referred punter. Income share is a popular strategy because it allows affiliates to make a profit and motivates them to find high-quality customers for the network. There is however a dark side to this model. They win from the wagers but lose money if the refer gambler loses.

Sports Betting CPA

CPA (cost per acquisition), sports betting affiliates get paid when a refer bettor deposits on the site. Because this model is focused on quality punters, most sports betting companies do not pay affiliate commissions to punters who leave the platform after they make their first deposit.

CPL in sports betting

CPL (cost per Lead) is a way to get leads to do a certain set of actions such as filling out forms or buying a product. This scenario means that simply directing customers to the brand’s site is not enough. It is only recommended for affiliate marketers that receive lots of traffic. This strategy is one that inexperienced marketers should avoid.

CPA and Revenue Share

The hybrid model is a combination of a revenue share model and a cost per action model. In this model, the affiliate marketer gets paid each time a suggested punter deposits. The commission rate could increase if the affiliate marketer continues to attract new leads who make deposits.

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