A Comprehensive Guide to Slot Symbols

A Comprehensive Guide to Slot Symbols

These slot games are the most popular today due to many reasons. But one of the main reasons is these games are filled with a different types of slot symbols. Whether land-based or online, these become very entertaining due to these. Symbols help you to get the bonus, free spins and hefty payouts. You will see many different types of symbols when you start playing online slots like judi slot.

What are slot symbols?

These are the shapes we see on reels of the game you are playing. Every slot will have different symbols and will show a value. If you get a combination of the same symbols, you will win. It will encourage you to play moiré if you get the combinations and increase the money in your pocket. Due to development, we can see thousands of symbols which show different features.

Different types of slot symbols

There are wide different varieties of symbols which help these slots to become the most entertaining gambling.

Paying symbols

These are the most crucial symbol, and slot games are incomplete without them. These symbols will pay you some amount, and every symbol will have its own payout. Mainly paying symbols are divided into high and low paying.

High paying- The most popular symbols in slot games provide you with the maximum payouts. But these are also more valuable than others, which is why they are less often played.

Low paying- they are often present on reels and have the most winning combinations. For example, you must combine 10, J, Q, K and A.


It is an exciting symbol and is the same as a joker card in a deck of cards. To make wild symbol count, you have to make winning combinations of other symbols. More wild symbols mean you have a higher chance that you will win. There are many types of this symbol.

Colossal Wild- The other name is Mega Wild, a significant symbol. The standard size is 1×1, but this symbol may be covering 2×1. So these have a high chance of covering almost the entire reel.

Expanding Wild- As the name suggests, the expanding wild will expand vertically or horizontally, depending on the game. These create opportunities for adding more symbols which could result in your big win.

Multiplier wild- This symbol will replace the other paying symbols in the game. It will always try to multiply your winning amounts.

Mystery symbols

These are almost similar to wilds, but there are some differences. For example, this symbol will firstly land on reels and then change into paying symbol. These symbols are great for creating winning combinations but not as versatile as wild ones.

So you see that online slots bear famous, and these symbols have a lot of role in this. Other than these, symbols like scatter, jackpot triggers, etc., are also famous. So you should also try these games and win money. Set up your computer, practice through different bonuses and try to win big exciting prizes.

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